What you eat matters. It really does.

Our mission is to empower people. We do this by changing preexisting notions of nutrition, by making products that have purpose and helping people achieve their goals. We believe in the power of creative people, those that challenge the status-quo and make human progress possible by living a life with purpose.

We believe in functional food. Food should provide more than just nourishment—it should work for you! Honestly, we were tired of the same-old bar, we were searching for purpose, not just protein. That’s when we decided to disrupt the market and create a new bar—a bar that promotes a specific function and helps you achieve your best self – a FUNCTION BAR.

Say hello to the new WTF BAR.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We identified common functions, researched the most effective natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, mixed them together and created a tasty bar that offers… well, it offers so much more. Each bar has a unique function – Her, Him, Nerdy, Beauty, Fit, Love. Giving you a chance to change up the routine and focus on achieving your daily goals.

The result: a revolutionary bar that extends beyond nutrition and helps you to become your best self.